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Eden Ascent Blog
Eden Ascent Blog

Learn more about Digital Transformation, Online Marketing, and how to launch and manage your online business today!

A Digital-centered Technology-fueled Marketing blog with a particular focus on Evergreen Digital Transformation through discovery, specialized knowledge and advisory services centered on Exponential Autonomous Technology-Enabled strategic innovative Digital BusinessOnline Marketing, and Storytelling solutions to improve your results over time. Many of our posts are based on our own experience and real-life case studies!

Digital Marketing Services

Ascent Your Digital Presence to the next level with these Services!

Thinking about the particular requirements and business needs of every customer, we produce integrated digital marketing campaigns with proven approaches that increase traffic, leads and conversions. Let us discuss how we can assist you to expand your business and digital footprint.

Eden Ascent - Lead Generation
Eden Ascent - Search Engine Optimization
Eden Ascent - Social Media Marketing
Eden Ascent - CVO

Lead Generation

Generating interest or enquiries into your products or services for your business, thereby increasing your sales.


Increase the quality/quantity of your websites traffic by enhancing the visibility of your web-based business.

Social Media Marketing

Interact with your ideal customers, brand-focused engaging content and increase your revenue opportunities.

Digital Business Solutions

Feature-packed business packages!

Eden Ascent gives you all the tools & features you need to start your Digital Business today. We will help you create, market, and launch your products or services online with our Evergreen all-In-one Digital Business & Online Marketing Automation packages. It includes everything from in-depth market research & analysis, business planning, digital strategy, branding, content marketing, marketing pages, funnels, and Customer Value Optimization (CVO) offers. 

Launch fast with our ready-to-go campaigns, integrate powerful email marketing, social media marketing, AI Marketing, digital lead generation, search engine optimization and so much more.

About Eden Ascent

Eden Ascent facilitates Evergreen Digital Transformation through discovery, specialized knowledge and advisory services focused on Exponential Autonomous Technology-Enabled strategic innovative digital business & marketing solutions. Transforming businesses by developing superior informative & digital products, services, automation, and digital experiences.

Eden Ascent -About Us

Meet our founding members.

Our Eden Ascent Founders, led by our directors Andre Mostert & Linda Gladstone, are located in South Africa, and they are dedicated to providing the best Digital Transformation and Online Marketing experience for entrepreneurs and startups everywhere! We are obsessed about creating technology-enabled solutions and digital products which give you the financial freedom to become more & only spend time on the things you love most!

Eden Ascent - Linda Gladstone
Linda Gladstone


A social entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and an unshakable optimist dedicated to enabling you to become the person you most want to be. Linda is one of our Founding Members and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs & business owners ascent from the inside out, not just growing businesses, but growing people by nurturing long term relationships and inspiring a limitless life for humanity.

Eden Ascent - Andre Mostert
Andre Mostert

Co-founder/Managing director

Andre is Transmedia Storyteller, Internet Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Eden Ascent. He believes in magic and has a “nothing is impossible” life mantra with a responsibility to “Awe” by advancing the magnificence of life, creating magnetic work and empowering human excellence. Ultimately unleashing an idea virus  which spreads like a wildfire positively impacting one billion people’s lives!

All work and lots of play.

Customer Success

Over the past fifteen years we have been privileged to collaborate with some of South Africa’s leading Digital Marketing & Advertising Agencies and Freelancers, working on award-winning integrated digital campaigns,which broke traffic, leads as well as e-commerce sales records.

The work included everything from through-the-line campaign integration, digital strategy, performance (ROI) tracking monitoring, customer servicing, social media marketing, SEO & SEM, e-Commerce and digital platform design & development. 

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of clients across a multitude of industry verticals, some of our clients we have had the pleasure of working with include; Build it, Midas, Distell, Brandhouse, Bacardi, SAB, Nano Records, Mini, Topco Models, Puma, Anything Goes, British Airways, Mcdonalds, DJF Storage, That Storage Space, Mango Airlines, Travelport, Travelstart, SA Paving, Finger & Trigger Clothing and many many more.

Area of Expertise!

Re-imagining of business in the digital age is digital transformation. The process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

Digital businesses leverage technology to create new value in business models, customer experiences and the internal capabilities that support its core operations. 

Advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

The process of creating a great customer journey and maximizing the ROI for all marketing activities. It focuses on optimization throughout the customer lifecycle to improve brand and loyalty—and create customers for life!

Eden Ascent - Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a foundational shift in how a company creates and delivers …

Eden Ascent - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing makes use of digital technologies that offer a substantial return on …

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