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Meet our founding members.

Our Eden Ascent Founders, led by our directors Andre Mostert & Linda Gladstone, are located in South Africa, and they are dedicated to providing the best Digital Transformation and Online Marketing experience for entrepreneurs and startups everywhere! We are obsessed about creating technology-enabled solutions and digital products which give you the financial freedom to become more & only spend time on the things you love most!

Eden Ascent - Linda Gladstone
Linda Gladstone


A social entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and an unshakable optimist dedicated to enabling you to become the person you most want to be. Linda is one of our Founding Members and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs & business owners ascent from the inside out, not just growing businesses, but growing people by nurturing long term relationships and inspiring a limitless life for humanity.

Eden Ascent - Andre Mostert
Andre Mostert

Co-founder/Managing director

Andre is Transmedia Storyteller, Internet Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Eden Ascent. He believes in magic and has a “nothing is impossible” life mantra with a responsibility to “Awe” by advancing the magnificence of life, creating magnetic work and empowering human excellence. Ultimately unleashing an idea virus  which spreads like a wildfire positively impacting one billion people’s lives!

Who Is Eden Ascent?

Eden Ascent facilitates Evergreen Digital Transformation through discovery, specialized knowledge and advisory services focused on Exponential Autonomous Technology-Enabled strategic innovative digital business & marketing solutions. 

Digital Transformation requires a new breed of “agency”, Digital has completely upended the traditional marketing and advertising world, fundamentally changing the industry as we know it. It’s less about campaign-building and more about the convergence of marketing, knowledge, education, and technology to guide digital transformation within an abundant future.

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