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Essential top digital transformation technologies of all time!

The swift and large shock of the Covid-19 pandemic and economic shutdown measures in advanced economies and a few other parts of the planet have plunged the worldwide economy into a severe contraction. In such situations, businesses have to adopt a replacement thanks to surviving and maintaining their stable operations. This paves the way for digital transformation technologies to revolutionize the way companies do business. 

This article will offer you an insight into the trend and compile an inventory of the highest essential digital transformation technologies of all time.


Since its ground-breaking appearance in 1973, mobile has drastically changed the planet we sleep in, making it among the highest considerations within the digital transformation technologies list of all time.

Mobile technologies are ubiquitous, from companies to every single activity in our life. For instance, with the big capabilities of 5G tech, there’s a mess of opportunities created by mobile technologies in manufacturing, industrial sectors and other parts of the economy. 

Moreover, mobile tech also can lead to over-commonly used digital transformation technologies. VR/AR technologies are prime examples. With the assistance of a smartphone, workers can view machine data points via AR or get interactive guidance from the supervisors at a distance. Additionally, robotics and automation technologies also can work efficiently because of improved mobile connectivity.


Cloud computing is essentially the delivery of on-demand computing services, which range from applications to storage and processing power over the web and on a pay-as-you-go basis. This digital transformation technology increases flexibility and agility within a business environment and boosts the company’s scalability.

With the new advancements in Clouding technologies, challenges, and difficulties from legacy systems or security issues are often alleviated. consistent with a survey, there’s a likelihood that manufacturers will double the utilization of Cloud within the next two years. An article in the Economist also highlights the advantages of Cloud to businesses with the citation of 78% of interviewed manufacturers quoting that this digital transformation technology is going to be the main thing in the next 5 years. 


IoT or the web of Things is not any longer an unfamiliar term in this day and age. Fundamentally, it represents the arrangement of material things embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies with the aim of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the web.

Thanks to its enormous advantages, IoT is taken into account among the foremost crucial digital transformation technologies that companies should seriously take into consideration. Especially, it brings unprecedented visibility into a firm’s products and operations. With the mixing of IoT, companies can gain a far better and deeper understanding of their operations, from both internal and external views.

In the meantime, the large source of knowledge, insights, and analytics from IoT technology also enables enterprises to realize their key digital transformation like efficiency, flexibility, and customer experience.


Robotics is additionally among the good digital transformation technologies 2020. consistent with research, about ¼ businesses are using smart robots in their operation. This figure is estimated to extend to ⅓ over the subsequent 2 years, giving a promising scenario for the world.

The use of robotics has developed during the past decade, from monotonous tasks to more complex ones powered by some digital transformation technologies like IoT, AI,… within the context of a business, robotics has served an important role in boosting operational efficiency and supporting/ replacing humans in higher-level tasks.

AI and Machine Learning

AI or AI and Machine Learning have unlocked an enormous number of opportunities by boosting the exponential increase in data and data access, also as compute power and connectivity for businesses. These digital transformation technologies open up new approaches and offer more probable solutions for uncertain questions. 

Therefore, AI and Machine Learning are considered lucrative investments with billions of dollars from both governments and businesses over the years.

Augmented Reality

AR technology facilitates more seamless relationships between the physical surroundings, digital, and human worlds.

“AR is IoT for people.”, said Jim Heppelmann, President and CEO of PTC. for instance, with an integrated AR, employees within the manufacturing sector can easily hook up with the physical surroundings and leverage all the facilities of knowledge and analytics within the cloud. this permits them to possess real-time information during a highly visual format to finish the given task with minimum error.

On an outsized scale, AR technology helps workers to enhance productivity and quality. From the business perspective, it enables companies to implement a more successful knowledge transfer, training process and enhances customer support and services.

Digital Twins

Following the list of digital transformation technologies 2018, Digital Twin is among the list of top-notch ones in 2021. it’s simply the models virtually representing the physical counterparts of products, tasks, or maybe processes. 

Thanks to digital twins technology, businesses can have a far better understanding and a transparent visualization of their target subject for further analysis. Besides, any perfect digital twins are often tailored to different roles and applications a bit like the authentic one.

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